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Literary Arts

Zine Making : An expressive creative writing class that encourages students to explore their voices and collect their thoughts on paper in a zine format.


Coding Music : This class offers an in-depth exploration of Computer Science, Audio Production, Digital Marketing, and 3d Printing. Students will learn coding and audio production techniques as well as how to market their projects.

Graphic Design : Students use online programs to learn graphic design tech to create their own original artistic design, logos, posters, flyers, etc.

Video Production/Filmmaking : Students are introduced to all elements of moviemaking including pre-production (scriptwriting, acting rehearsals, creating shot lists, location scouting), production (camera work, direction, costuming/make up, acting on set), and post production (editing, sound, creating movie theater for culminating event).   

Media Arts

Movement Arts

Baby Ballet : Our young ballerinas will use play and games to explore basic ballet techniques focusing on coordination, balance, rhythm and musicality.

Gymboree : Students will learn mobility and gymnastic skills such as jumping, hopping, somersaults, and cartwheels. Students practice tumbling and play games to strengthen their gymnastic skills.

Jazzy Babies : The aim of this class is to explore the sassy and energetic rhythms of Jazz dance with Kindergarten and First grade.This class will focus on the basic steps of Jazz dance, creative movement, love for dance and creativity.

Mini Breakers : A fun filled and safe breakdancing class for our young bboys and bgirls. Students will learn top rock, freezes, and other beginner breaking skills.

African Step Dance : A percussive dance style that originates from South Africa.

Afro Haitian : Beginner to Immediate level haitian dance class

A Tus Zapatos : This Afro Peruvian  tapping class includes percussion with the feet and the body.

Ballet I : An open level class that includes barre, basic turns, jumps and traveling exercises. Clear instruction is presented with a focus on proper alignment, musicality and technique.

Ballet II : This ballet class is designed for students that are ready to level up to more intermediate skills, technique and choreography.

Breakdance : Breakers learn history and origins of the sacred art of breakdancing from NYC to Cali. Breakers will learn freezes, top rock, six step, routines, and battle etiquette ultimately creating crews and performing.

Gymnastics I & II : Students work on progressive tumbling skills, tricks for each gymnastic apparatus, and strength and stretching techniques built to improve agility and coordination.

Hip Hop Dance : Contemporary movements focused on strength and power with subtle transitions. Incorporating footwork and body isolations.

JingaFit Capoeira : This class combines aspects of dance, martial arts, yoga, Pilates, breakdance and other movement arts.

Modern Jazz : An open level class using Simonson technique to help dancers focus on their individual strengths and develop their understanding of how their bodies move through space.

Samba : Open level Brazilian dance art class

Yoga : Students will learn how to focus and center themselves with various breathing, visualization techniques and fun and challenging yoga poses.

Music Arts

Mis Amigos Musicales : Young musicians will learn to play xylophone and the beginnings of Mariachi music.

Pequeno Percussion : A drumming class for our young budding percussionists. Students will explore Caribbean and West African rhythms and sounds on a variety of instruments.

African Drumming

Emcee/Rapping: Students learn the history of Hip Hop lyricism through creative writing/ hip hop literacy which leads to learning to performing their original re-mixed rap songs.

Jazz Band

Rock band

World Music

5th Grade instrumental program: Violin, Piano, saxophone, trumpet, guitar

Theater Arts

Set Design : Participants will work on various aspects of theatrical production, including stage props, scenery, costumes, and backdrops.


Shadow Puppet Theater : Students in this studio will study the art of shadow puppetry.  Exploring traditional and modern techniques with an emphasis on story telling.

Visual Arts

Art-vaarks : Students will explore drawing, painting, and mixed media projects.

Budding Builders : An arts class for young inventors, builders, and architects. Students will build and create sculptures and structures from various materials including legos, clay, and paper mâché.

Codi Budding Builders.jpeg

Cartoneria : Students will study a brief history and traditional techniques of Cartoneria, the Mexican popular art form of paper mache.

Graffiti Art : Students learn the history of graffiti starting from the Pyramids in Africa leading to its classic NYC origins. Start with fat marker work (solo work and collaborative) and leading into spray can mural class projects.

Painting I & II:

Printmaking : Participants will learn conventional and experimental techniques in printmaking.

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Middle School Courses

  • Afro Dance

  • Breaking

  • Cardboard Engineering

  • Ceramics Sculpture

  • Coding Music

  • Dance Composition

  • Drawing

  • Fashion Design

  • Filmmaking

  • Photography

  • Piano

  • Printmaking

  • Solar Technology

  • Theater of the Oppressed II

  • Violin II

  • Woodwinds II

  • World Music