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Serving 12 schools in the East Bay.

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Make a 100% tax-deductible donation today to give children from the East Bay’s most marginalized communities a space to find their creative voices and realize a more humane world through their art.



Right Now We Are :

  • Serving 5 schools in the East Bay, with 30 master teachers.

  • Building out an original production called The Black Nutcracker, which will feature students from our 5 sites as well as the greater Oakland area.

  • Launching a capital campaign to raise funds for our OWN building.



Become a Monthly Sustainer!

When you commit to donating monthly, YOU are helping to make The People’s Conservatory the powerhouse it is meant to be for our youth and community!

Latitude Highschool
Edendale Middle School
Manzanita Seed Community School
Pear Tree Community School
Roses In Concrete Community School
Wood Middle School
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