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Our culturally and community responsive techniques are designed to maximize creativity as well as develop imagination, identity, concentration, character, professionalism, technique--and to strengthen the student’s command of their talents. We will use locally-driven, diverse instructional approaches to foster a well-rounded arts education. This robust, culturally-relevant curriculum is intended to engender a strong sense of self, curiosity, creativity, and critical-thinking skills. TPC achieves this by connecting cultural literacy to artistic practice and by encouraging curiosity, as well as a bold thirst for knowledge. TPC also provides exhibition and performance opportunities for our youth, supports community-based arts projects, and takes students into the field to experience arts performance and creation at the highest level.  


 Programming includes: music, dance, theater, literary arts, visual arts, hip hop education, digital media, filmmaking, fashion design, and audio production/engineering, with many subsets within each field. A traditional conservatory focus on classical art is also offered, though it serves as enrichment rather than an overarching dogma. In all of our programs, and at every age level, students develop a heightened appreciation for indigenous and ethnic art and culture.



At TPC we inspire students to discover and explore new artistic and intellectual terrain. We encourage our students to discover, investigate, and share art forms and new ideas—all in the name of the creation, appreciation, and expansion of the arts. TPC seeks to support artistic engagement out “in the field” as well as “in house.” “In the field” programming enables TPC artists to offer arts presentations, residencies, workshops, and teacher trainings to schools, community centers and arts/education organizations across the Bay Area landscape. “In house” programming refers to all pre-collegiate and collegiate programs, performances, exhibits, education conferences, and other arts engagements that occur on the main People’s Conservatory campus.



Rozz Nash is a musician, a vocalist/composer, a choreographer, a theater director, and has been a teaching artist in New York City and the SF Bay Area public and private schools for over 25 years. She  serves as the Founding Director of Performing and Visual Arts at Roses in Concrete Community School for four years. Previously she was the Artistic Director and creator of the Brooklyn based Caras Youth Contemporary Dance Ensemble--a youth centered social justice and contemporary dance company, the Brooklyn Performing Arts Institute--a year round arts academy for youth ages 13-21, and Co-founder (with Imani Uzuri and Tomasia Kastner) of WERISE--a women’s artist collective that supported entrepreneurship and arts-based business start-ups.

She has directed and choreographed musicals and dance performances for Columbia University's Varsity Show, Marymount High School Theatre and Summer drama camp, El Puente Leadership Program, Way Off Broadway Acting School, and The Possibility Project--a national youth development organization. Rozz has facilitated music, theatre and dance residencies for arts organizations such as Creative Music Programs and Learning through an Expanded Arts Program in over 50 schools in NYC for over 20 years. She is also a partner and director of Creative Arts and Music Programs, one of Brooklyn's first multidisciplinary arts camps currently in its 11 year stint. She is an internationally touring artist having performed with various music groups including Groove Collective, Slavic Soul Party, Living Colour, and DJ Towatei as well as her own projects COULON, Red Lotus, and her children's music project The Rozz & Val Show. She is currently working on a new solo project. Rozz is also a co-founder and former Board Chair of Art & Abolition, a Kenyan based organization that gives arts education and life support to young girls that have been sexually abused and exploited due to poverty.


Kraig Bellows is an East Bay native, hailing from Walnut Creek. He has lived in and served folks in and around the Monterey Peninsula, Southeastern Louisiana, and East Oakland. 

Kraig has a very strict ethic of volunteerism and service, always working towards justice for all people. He has organized anti-racism workshops for white folks and works with men around deconstructing toxic masculinity. Kraig is active in struggles for LGBTQ visibility and rights; he especially works to lift up queer youth to be their true, best selves.

Kraig is committed to providing a rigorous arts education to children in pursuit of a more beautiful, diverse society. He believes that artistic expression is one of the most effective ways for youth and adults alike to process and better this challenging world. His own artistic practice includes fashion design, paper mache, poetry performance, independent publishing, acting, and collage.

Felicia Gangloff-Bailey, a native of Sacramento, California, a recent graduate of Howard University, earning a PhD in Educational Psychology, and a member of SOL Development, a Hip-Hop/Jazz/Soul ensemble of music teachers. Her dissertation explores the relationships between racial socialization messages received from hip-hop and racial identity on the motivational beliefs of African American college students. Implications of her work will provide added understanding of the intersections of motivation processes and racial and cultural variables to further understand African American student achievement. Felicia has over 15 years of piano training and is currently the Visual and Performing Arts Program Coordinator and Manager at Roses in Concrete Community School in East Oakland. Felicia has presented her research at numerous conferences including the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting (2018).She has received the education and outreach award (Howard University) for her research and is a member of the Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society (Yale University).


Edendale Middle School
Manzanita Seed Community School
Pear Tree Community School
Roses In Concrete Community School
Wood Middle School
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