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The People’s Conservatory fosters high level arts creation, study and performance in an effort to promote cultural awareness and positive social change. As artist educators we help young artists reveal themselves by facilitating experiences that help focus on growth and expansion. TPC’s curriculum incorporates a wide range of teachings rooted in ethnic and cultural studies, using our students’ inherent artistic voices to make them the next generation of culture keepers.


TPC trains young artist explorers, with a dedicated focus on brown and black youth from marginalized and economically blighted communities, to envision and create a humane and just world through their art. Our faculty of working artistic professionals helps young people find their creative voices, re-imagine their communities’ most pressing social problems, and transform from cultural consumers to cultural producers. TPC will establish a central hub to house its artists and programming as well as provide a base for arts and culture to be supported and to thrive in Oakland. Students in our conservatory develop a lifelong commitment to learning as they are given the voice and agency to become the new leaders of tomorrow.

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Media Arts


Coding Music: This class offers an in-depth exploration of Computer Science, Audio Production, Digital Marketing, and 3d Printing. Students will learn coding and audio production techniques as well as how to market their projects.

Graphic Design : Graphic Design will cover how to identify and utilize the basic tools and functions primarily with Adobe Illustrator and a variety of other software that have similar platforms for digital arts and design. Students use online programs to learn graphic design tech to create their own original artistic design, logos, posters, flyers, etc.

Video Production/Filmmaking : Students are introduced to all elements of moviemaking including pre-production (scriptwriting, acting rehearsals, creating shot lists, location scouting), production (camera work, direction, costuming/make up, acting on set), and post production (editing, sound, creating movie theater for culminating event).   

Video Game Design: In this class students design computer games using basic coding through Twine and Scratch. We use critical thinking to analyze representation and meaning in games and media. We also play games together for recreation! By the end of the semester, students will be capable of creating a basic text based game,

and customizing popular game templates in Scratch.


Language Arts

Storytelling: A writing workshop designed to support students in taking their writing seriously and viewing themselves as writers. The goal is to develop an intentional creative practice. During class, students will have time to work independently and with their peers. They will engage in the writing process by completing prompts, working on original stories, revising, editing, and sharing their work.

Movement Arts

Lyra Hoop: Learn basic inverts, climbs, wraps, foot locks, rolls, hip-keys, poses, grips, and introductory sequences. This is a great class for all levels of students as it helps to develop flexibility, grip strength, and aerial technique. Prerequisites: This is a level one class and is open to anyone.


Beginner Jazz Dance: Jazz dance includes strength, flexibility and conditioning technique and progressions including turns, kicks and leaps. In a Jazz class the dancers also learn many fun and trendy dance steps that are used for all forms of dance. It is a wonderful class to get a well rounded variety of all dance steps.

Hip hop (all elements): Is the intro to advanced classes with emcee / breaking / dj’n / beatbox / graffiti art /urban fashion design… movie making will involve the art of creating your own short film with reels actors and special effects to be shown in big screen / fitness will be a fun class where students run / train , and learn fun exercises to motivate them to take care of their body! Afrobeat dance class involves the most current afrobeat songs with new and traditional afrobeat movement!


Body Per­cus­sion: In this class we will study STEP from different Black and Indigenous cultures all over the world. We will use hand clapping, feet stomping, finger snapping and many other sounds to transform our bodies into musical instruments. The goal of this class is to help students develop a sense of rhythm, per­cep­tion, co­ordin­a­tion, co­oper­a­tion, and communication. It also aims to give students more background and appreciation for some of their favorite dances.


Double-Dutch: This class is centered in teamwork. Student's will work together to strengthen their rope skills, and sense of rhythm. We will practice turning, entrances & exits, minor tricks, and speed jumping. There will also be an element of competition.  This class will improve student's health, build stamina, coordination, and balance in a fun setting.

Afro Cuban Dance:  An exploration of African derived dance and music from the Caribbean nation of Cuba. The purpose of this class is to introduce students of all ages to Afro Cuban traditional “folkloric” dance.

Ballet I: An open level class that includes barre, basic turns, jumps and traveling exercises. Clear instruction is presented with a focus on proper alignment, musicality and technique.

Ballet II: This ballet class is designed for students that are ready to level up to more intermediate skills, technique and choreography.

Breakdance: Breakers learn history and origins of the sacred art of breakdancing from NYC to Cali. Breakers will learn freezes, top rock, six step, routines, and battle etiquette ultimately creating crews and performing.


Capoeira: Progression of movements, songs and instruments of Capoeira along with deeper study of history, language & music along with building their own instruments.

Exploratory Arts: A hybrid class with free movement, flexibility stretching, improv, dance activities and art projects.  

Flamenco: The course’s purpose is to develop a solid foundation in both Flamenco’s cultural background and its various techniques: floreo (hand movements), braceo (arm movements), zapateado (footwork), marcajes (marking steps), compas y palmas (rhythms and hand-clapping), giros (turns) and proper placement of the body. Here, students will learn to improvise as well within flamenco’s structure, with the goal of choreographing their own dances.

Beginner Jazz Dance: Jazz dance includes strength, flexibility and conditioning technique and progressions including turns, kicks and leaps. In a Jazz class the dancers also learn many fun and trendy dance steps that are used for all forms of dance. It is a wonderful class to get a well rounded variety of all dance steps.

Modern Jazz: An open level class using Simonson technique to help dancers focus on their individual strengths and develop their understanding of how their bodies move through space.


Gymnastics I & II: Students work on progressive tumbling skills, tricks for each gymnastic apparatus, and strength and stretching techniques built to improve agility and coordination.

Samba: Open level Brazilian dance art class


World Dance: This is a dance workout class that will cover the dance styles of Congolese, Afro-Brazilian, West African, Afro-Beats, Dancehall, and dances of the Caribbean and Latin America. There will be combinations and choreographies taught that are easy to learn and follow.

Music Arts

Music Appreciation and Comprehension through Production: Takes an all encompassing look at American music through the lenses of music history, theory, composition and production. Using the DAW Bandlab, students will learn the basics of composition from drum sequences to melodic compositions.

Beginner Guitar: Takes students with no knowledge of guitar and gives them the tools to be able to play rhythm and lead guitar at a beginner level. Learning songs along with scales will combine an intuitive understanding of music with theory, allowing students to understand the basics of guitar technique and music composition.


Music Pruduction: This course is intended to help students learn beginner/intermediate level music production. Students will learn how to create, record, edit, and produce their own music of different genres by utilizing a Digital Audio Workstation(DAW). Students will learn basic level sampling and sound arrangment.

Guitar: The intent of this class will be about getting students excited about learning beginner-intermediate level guitar by teaching tablature, finger placement, basic chords progressions, scales, and participating in guitar recitals.

Piano: The intent of this class is to give students instant access into learning beginner/intermediate level piano by learning how to read notes , play chord progressions, piano scales, and participating in piano recitals.

Vocal Choir: The People’s Choir is a 14-unit course designed to introduce middle and high school students to the art of singing in an ensemble setting. Students will be exposed to a variety of genres of music ranging from jazz, soul, pop and world music. Additionally, students will strengthen their part-holding skills while learning about the essential musical components of singing in a choral setting. By the end of the course, students will have learned a total of 4 songs and be able to perform them with dynamic stage presence and delivery.

Song Writing: This course is intended to teach students the basics of songwritng and applying it to their favorite genres of music. They will learn how to apply different rhyme schemes, cadences, and the art of storytelling. Students will learn how to write an original song to an instrumental of their choice.

Jazz, Funk, and R&B Improv: This class will survey improvisational concepts, rooted and developed in jazz music, and then be applied to contemporary and popular musical styles. This class will be technique and theory focused. We will examine specific musical examples from Jazz theory, Jazz records, and specific solos, and how they can be used over more modern musical styles and why. Prior musical experience is suggested. All instruments invited!