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TPC presents KOLA | Holiday Revue on December 16th!
Featuring the memorable dances and performances from KOLA | An Afro Diasporic Remix of The Nutcracker!

This new Holiday classic returns to Bay Area December 16, 2023

  • TPC Visual Arts
    TPC Visual Arts
    Tue, Jan 30
    Flow Oakland
    Jan 30, 2024, 5:00 PM – May 21, 2024, 6:00 PM
    Flow Oakland, 2036 Livingston St, Oakland, CA 94606, USA
    Paint | Collage | Pastel | Print Making Ages 6-8

“Kola is the story of the rights of passage for a young girl…It is a pleasure to revise & make relevant this traditional show with the pantheon of greats that represent the Bay Area youth arts scene.” - Artist, RyanNicole

This inspiring, joy-filled, and moving professional production has received rave reviews and is being hailed as “the new holiday classic.”  Kola: An Afro Diasporic Remix of The Nutcracker is a re-envisioned version of The Nutcracker through the lens of African and Afro-Latinx music, dance, theater, and culture reflecting the lives of Black and Brown children socially, politically, and spiritually, set in modern-day Oakland.


The KOLA creative team, comprised of TPC founder Rozz Nash and beloved local artists Jennifer Johns as the lead, Grammy nominated Ryan Nicole as book author and lead and Kev Choice as the composer, rewrote this narrative with a team of Bay Area’s most renowned composers, choreographers, costume designers, and visual artists,  Kola offers new music compositions representing Jazz, Gospel, Afro-Caribbean, Hip Hop, R&B, and re-mixed Tchaikovsky. 

Donate & Receive:

$25: 1 show ticket & tote

$50: 1 show ticket & shirt + tote

$100: 2 show tickets & shirt + tote

$250: 2 show tickets, 2 vip reception tickets, shirt + tote

$500: 4 show tickets and vip seating, 4 vip reception ticket, 2 shirts + 2 totes & name in program as donor

$1000: 8 show tickets and vip seating, 8 vip reception tickets, 4 shirts + 4 totes & name in program as sponsor

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