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Make a 100% tax-deductible donation today to give children from the East Bay’s most marginalized communities a space to find their creative voices and realize a more humane world through their art.


Right Now We Are :

  • Serving 13 schools in the East Bay.

  • Launching TPC University, an online arts platform that will support schools, families, and communities with distance-learning based arts training.

  • Beginning our 2nd year of TPC Homeschool Day Arts Academy.

  • Providing in-person Weekend Dance classes inspired by our original production KOLA.

  • Completing our 2nd Mural, #HealOakland through our TPC Justice Murals Project.

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Sponsor a family to receive a TPC University subscription for an entire month! Enjoy free online arts classes to supplement the school day or afterschool for all ages! We offer live as well as pre-recorded music, visual, dance, and media arts courses for grades K-12 as well as for adults. Help to keep our programming going, our artists supported, and our youth served by gifting yourself or another family TODAY!


*All donations of $25 or more will receive a digital download of our showstopping multidisciplinary production "Kola--An Afro Diasporic Remix of The Nutcracker"