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The People's Conservatory Presents: TPC University

Coming Soon

TPC University is a radical new distance-learning arts platform that supports schools, families, and communities with high-level, culturally transformative, justice-based arts training. We are excited to announce a mid-September launch of over 250 online arts courses serving grades K-12, as well as adults. Our arts modalities are: music, dance, visual art, media, and literary arts.

To effectuate a transformative approach to teaching and learning, the TPC’s teaching pedagogy is ARCTIVISM—a modern, constructivist pedagogical framework that underscores the principles of democracy: unity, justice, and liberty. By this, ARCTIVISM is unapologetically committed to achieving the following four goals: eradicating oppressive systems, promoting cultural awareness, empowering student voices, and incorporating mindfulness through our arts education programs. Through ARCTIVISM, we look to transform underserved communities locally and globally, beginning with the important academic and artistic work in which our young artists engage daily. Each and every student will learn what it means to be an ARCTIVIST-scholar through the lens of their chosen arts track in asynchronous and/or synchronous classes.

Our teaching model serves individuals, families, and schools—offering each an opportunity to choose one to four arts tracks as deep dives each semester. Our programs are led by highly-trained and qualified arts professionals who provide a nurturing, challenging, and safe online learning environment. Moreover, because the majority of our programming since our inception in 2018 has historically been focused on supporting underserved Black and Brown youth, 90% of our master teachers are BIPOC. For TPC, representation matters.

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