The People’s Conservatory fosters high level arts creation, study and performance in an effort to promote cultural awareness and positive social change. As artist educators we help young artists reveal themselves by facilitating experiences that help focus on growth and expansion. TPC’s curriculum incorporates a wide range of teachings rooted in ethnic and cultural studies, using our students’ inherent artistic voices to make them the next generation of culture keepers.


TPC trains young artist explorers, with a dedicated focus on brown and black youth from marginalized and economically blighted communities, to envision and create a humane and just world through their art. Our faculty of working artistic professionals helps young people find their creative voices, re-imagine their communities’ most pressing social problems, and transform from cultural consumers to cultural producers. TPC will establish a central hub to house its artists and programming as well as provide a base for arts and culture to be supported and to thrive in Oakland. Students in our conservatory develop a lifelong commitment to learning as they are given the voice and agency to become the new leaders of tomorrow.

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Arts Programming For Schools

TPC University

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Arts Programming For Individuals & Families

Weekend Classes

Saturday Schedule:

Flamenco- 9:30am PST

Afro Cuban- 10:30am PST


The Lot

409 13th Street, Oakland

(Parking Lot attached to the

Oakland Tribune Building)

Class Rates:

$10-$15 Sliding Scale

(Auto weekly payments of $10-$15 )

Drop In Rate $15

(Payment online)

**No family will be turned away for lack of funds.

TPC homeschool Arts Academy

In-Person Small Pods


TPC University

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Live Zoom & Pre-Recorded Arts Classes!

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TPC Justice Murals

TPC Justice Murals are inspired by the injustices that Black and Brown people face and endure on a daily basis in America. The goal of our justice murals is to engage our young people (ages 3-18) in acts of artistic expression that explore the social ills of our nation and to counteract the hate we experience with love. Furthermore these engagements are meant to inspire our community to act on behalf of our Black and Brown brothers and sisters who have been marginalized and oppressed by systemic racism and to give us a platform to be seen and heard.

To get involved, please email info@thepeoplesconservatory.org

#HealOakland Mural

Serving 13 schools in the East Bay.

Make a 100% tax-deductible donation today to give children from the East Bay’s most marginalized communities a space to find their creative voices and realize a more humane world through their art.

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Ciel Creative Space
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