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Introducing Spring Youth Art Classes at The People's Conservatory

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new youth art classes at TPC. We have a variety of classes to ignite your child's creativity and passion for the arts. Choose from the following classes: Dance, Visual Arts & Hip Hop Arts!

Spring Class Schedule

No upcoming events at the moment

Class Descriptions

TPC Dance Workshops

Dive into the rhythm with our dynamic dance workshop! Each session includes two exhilarating dance classes featuring the graceful moves of Ballet, the vibrant energy of Modern Jazz, the passionate flair of Flamenco, and the infectious beats of West African Dance. Unleash your inner dancer and make Sundays a celebration of movement and joy!


Each session will include 2 classes that alternate every other Sunday:

4pm Ballet/ 5pm Modern Jazz Dance

4pm Flamenco/ 5pm West African Dance

$20/ Session


TPC Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts class consists of collage, painting, pastels, printmaking, and working with recycled materials. Focusing on specific artists and art styles that are relevant to culture or current events. We invite students to create their own pieces from what they interpreted from the lesson. 

$15/ Class

TPC Pangea Hip Hop Arts

Pangea Hip Hop classes this year will include many elements of the culture and its vibrant legacy! This includes breakdancing, dj'n, emcee & rapping ( both written and freestyle skills ), all hip hop dance forms , beatboxing, graffiti and all forms of hip hop visual art, beat production, hip hop fashion design, creating own business, and hip hop history along with special guests! Students will be in a high creative and active environment where they can fully bring their imagination to life with the magic of hip hop and begin to collab with other classmates to create a final project to present at our winter presentation!!


$15/ Class

Scholarships available, email for more information.

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